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Make sure you go the distance

Two lovers find each other.
Two lovers find each other.
Photo by: coolcal2111 via Flickr

Long distance relationships are hard to keep going. They are time-consuming, difficult, and trying on the bond you have with your partner. For a relationship that spans many miles to work, you have to really put in the effort to stay close to your partner, to know what they need, and when they need it. There are five things that absolutely must happen for a long distance relationship to prosper.

1. Trust them.

Trust your significant other to make their own decisions, have their own friends, and live their own lives. You will never be able to control who they see or talk to, and shouldn't try (in any relationship)! You have to trust them to be faithful to you; remember, they love you. They have to, or they wouldn't have given this distance thing a shot in the first place.

2. Make things special.

It's easy for every conversation to stray to the same topics, over and over again. It's easy for your daily "check-in" to just be a report on what you've done during the day. Try to be interesting to your partner, and ask for their full attention in return. There's something to be said for the written word; start to love it, because it'll be your constant companion for the duration of this relationship.

3. Send things.

Use the snail-mail to send little gifts, hand-written letters- whatever you feel like sending. It's important to let them know you're thinking of (and love) them, and there's nothing better than receiving mail from someone other than the bank that's collecting on your student loans.

4. Skype. Facetime.

Make sure to see their face and hear their voice. It helps, trust me.

5. Remind yourself of them.

Because they're not there all the time, it is important to remind yourself that you have someone that you love very much, and that they love you. Not only does it make you feel good, but it helps you to be a better girlfriend/boyfriend/SO.

Good luck with your long-distance relationship, and trust me when I say that when you're able to see that special someone again, all the heartache will be worth it.

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