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Make sure you are part of the Final Four in job search

Phoenicians who plan and prepare for the first round of interviews need to establish strategies to get to the candidate pool for the final interviews. Depending on the company, there may be more or less than four people in the final interview round, but you can only control the way you manage the interview. Take these steps to launch ahead of the competition in the Final Four.

  • Identify the skills that will win the game. Focus on the skills that the job requires. Write down the ways you have used those skills in various experiences in the past.
  • Make your plays impactful. Answering interview questions as you get further in the process requires additional details and content. The candidates that breeze through the Final Four have a range of examples that show a prospective employer the results that you can achieve working on their team.
  • Communicate your intentions clearly. Once you make it to the final rounds of interviews, keeping your follow up consistent with the hiring management is very important. Send emails that give relevant reasons you are the best candidate for the job. Let the employer know that you are fully invested in being a great future employee.
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