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Make Spotify even better with Android!

If nothing else, you've got to admit they have a nicer logo than iTunes!
If nothing else, you've got to admit they have a nicer logo than iTunes!

Get on Spotify!

Have you started using Spotify yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It's definitely a contender for best online music streaming service. Even without paying anything, it's a wonderful way to have unlimited access to a multitude of songs, albeit with some ads in between.

One main complaint that's been mentioned is that it automatically shares to Facebook what you've been listening to. However, there is a way to disable this.

But wait, there's more!

In any case, in the same way Apple provided a free way to use iOS devices to control iTunes, there is a similar solution for Spotify using Android. Spotify Controller, a free download in the Marketplace, lets you use your Android device to control the Spotify app on your computer remotely, as long as you're connected via Wi-Fi.

Setting up the remote control

To make this work, after installing the Spotify Controller app on your Android, you need to install the server on your computer. The Mac one is apparently the hardest one to tweak, so here's a quick how-to on that. Admittedly, it's not a very elegant process, but it works!

You can access all of this from the description on the Marketplace download page for the Spotify Controller, but it may be quicker to follow the guide here:

  • Download this package that includes all the files you'll need to configure the controller.
  • Extract all the files to a folder easily accessible from your root folder (called your username). The Downloads folder is not a bad idea.
  • FYI, the files you're concerned with are "install_osx" (to configure) and "" (to turn on the server)
  • Now the fun starts. Open a Terminal window and navigate to the folder you placed the files in. If you put the files in the Downloads folder:
    • Type "cd Downloads" and hit enter
    • Type "cd SpotifyController" and hit enter
    • Now, you're in the folder that includes the files you need to work with
  • To configure the server and make sure it works, type ". install_osx" and then follow the instructions on the screen. This will confirm that the scripts are working properly, so you only need to do this once.
  • To start running the server, type "." and your phone should start working as a remote control!

You can add this as a start-up application if you'd like (instructions on screen); otherwise, you'll have to re-do the last step to start the server if you stop it at some point. Yes, not very elegant, but it does work! And if you're the type to own an Android instead of an iPhone, you're probably used to workarounds.

Closing comments

The one additional feature that would be really nice is volume control, which the iTunes Remote does have. However, there is no free iOS solution to remote control Spotify, so if nothing else, you can take comfort in the low price tag!


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