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Make Pilates Your New Year's Resolution

Want to tone your body? Want inches off your waist? Want to increase your core strength? Decide right now to make Pilates a consistent routine in your life. Luckily, there are an abundant number of Pilates classes in Colorado. Pilates classes are offered at Pilates studios, home studios and fitness clubs. So there’s really no reason not to make Pilates your New Year's resolution!

Now that we are entering into a New Year, it’s time to get your Pilates routine on track. Joseph Pilates said, “If you will faithfully perform your contrology [Pilates] exercises regularly only four times a week for just three months, you will find your body development approaching the ideal, accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement."

Taking private or duet lessons will introduce you to the Pilates fundamentals, and exercises will be tailored to your individual needs. If you prefer to take a group mat class, keep in mind that the teacher may not be able to give you individualized attention. Be mindful to perform the level of exercise that is right for you, and a well-trained Pilates instructor will guide you through the different modifications.

Pilates is also an excellent compliment if you enjoy running, golfing, cycling, horseback riding, or any other sport. Many people find that Pilates makes them better at these activities because they have increased core strength, balance and flexibility.

So take the time to treat yourself to Pilates. Keep your routine consistent and you’ll see the results!