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Make ‘No Results’ Pages Work In Your Favor: Best Proven Tips

No result page
No result page
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There is hardly a website that appears in the web world without a search bar. If you are keen on implementing all features on your website with a hope that they might be required sometime then be prepared, this strategy may start working against you rather than working in your favor. Hitting the reality, not all websites should have the search box and actually, not all of them can handle it. If your website carried good number of content then search boxes are important. But for most of the other websites, when the searches are returned with “no results” page, they tend to ruin the overall user experience. Can you make them work in your favor?

How can you fix the broken UX of “no results” pages and ensure that they work as per your benefit? Let’s discuss.

Prevent it

Prevent the no results pages from appearing onto the screen of your users. Make sure that you implement deep indexation of both keywords and contents. You must also continue building your vocabulary that is more controlled in nature. This will ensure implementation of auto suggestions for the queries on search that would provide some hints for users too.

Admit it

Admit that you have no relevant information for the user responding to the search they have made. Keeping the page blank will only keep the user confused on if the page is loading. It’s wise to let your users know what actually is going on than keeping them perplexed. Remember, you are not really Google and it’s not mandatory for you to simply know everything under the sky.

Don’t Forget To Empathize With Your User

Don’t let the user feel frustrated and helpless once he has been returned with a no result page. It’s wise to actually make the message clear with some humane feeling and statements like “unfortunately, there are no such results that match your query” or motivating statements like “let’s try again”. “This would actually make the users feel that you actually care for them and really wish to deliver them the information they came looking for. “ – says John of

Get More Creative

Spill the beans of creativity and that would really help you keep your users engaged even when you actually have no result to offer. Do try to come up with some really innovative idea for returning users with a creative solution on the no results page. If you can do this with much conviction, it would really turn the mundane look and feel of the no results page into some sweet and interesting lemonade.

This page can be used for your own benefit but you will have to learn the art of turning a disappointment into surprising fun. Any kind of assistance on the page would be appreciated and when you choose to refine your search query with conviction and innovation, you are contributing lot to the user experience on your website. Remember, the world is all about being creative and finally, it is possible with even the ‘not so pleasant’ pages that are meant to show no results.

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