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Make It Up for Spring 2014

Pink Lips are Popular for Spring

What are the big makeup trends for spring?

Eyes: "Everything is more colorful for spring. There's more colored eyeliner or colored eye shadow."

Lips: "A lot of colors, too! You're going to see more coral. Different shades of pinks are going to be popular."

Cheeks: "One of the areas has to have color, whether it's eyes or lips. Cheeks can have color too, but makeup on the cheeks is more about highlighting the skin."

Other makeup trends: "I've noticed a lot more foundation melted and infused into the skin. It's not that perfect look, but it has a sheen to it. There's a little bit of glitter going on, too."

Francesca Ortale has over 12 years experience in both hair and makeup. She has worked for both MAC Cosmetics and L'Oreal Professional, as well as doing the hair and makeup at several major fashion shows around the country.

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