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Make it a priority

It is hard to believe but in a matter of a few weeks college students will be returning to campus, and kids will be returning to school. If your schedule is anything like mine, you are wonderful how you are going to meet both familial obligations, and maintain your fitness health.

In order to stay focused, and not let your walking fall to the wayside you need to do two things, schedule your workouts and set a goal.

You have to make you a priority. One way to do that is to schedule your workouts in your datebook. Schedule them like you would a dentist appointment. You might not want to go to the dentist, but you do – and that is what you have to do for your workouts.

The other things that you need to do is set a goal. If you know that you want to walk a half marathon in October, register now. Pay the fees today. Once you make the commitment, especially one that involves money, you are less likely to quit. Whether your goal is to walk a 5k, a marathon, or a triathlon, this goal will give you something to focus on and make you less likely to miss your scheduled workout.

In this hectic month of August don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish!

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