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Make it a Date Night--Alternative

Have an exciting date night without going home looking like the Fosters!
Have an exciting date night without going home looking like the Fosters!

In the new movie Date Night which opened Friday April 10th, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, the husband and wife duo, Phil (Carell) and Clair (Fey) Foster, find themselves on the run in Manhattan due to a case of, self inflicted, mistaken identity. In an attempt to get a table at the city's newest hot restaurant, the Fosters decide it's okay to pose as a couple of noshows. Little did they know, it's not easy being the Tripplehorns. 

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy a perfect date night full of excitement here in Columbus without having to worry about getting "whacked off."

  • Rather then the typical dinner and a movie this weekend, try something a little different.  At Liberty Horse Farm, you can schedule a horse back riding lesson for two or more.  Liberty Farm will provide you with the horse and all the equipment you'll need, in addition to their years of expertise.  And for just $25 per person, you'll be educated on how to prepare the horse for riding and be able to ride in a small corral area until the staff feels you have enough training or experience to move on to the intermediate lesson that practices jumps in the spacious outdoor area.  Go to the website to get all the details and find out how to contact the Farm to set up your special date or event:
  • Between work, family, and everything else the two of you have going on, stress and tension can build up before you know it.  But rather then doing the cliché couples massage, mix it up a little and take the Restorative Workshop offered at Yoga on High.  You don't need any yoga experience to take the course, but you will walk away knowing yoga postures that "melt away physical and mental tension and deeply relax the mind and body" (Yoga on High website).  The cost of an individual class in the series in just $35 and the results can last you weeks!  Go to to view the event schedule and get full details on this and other workshops and events.
  • Taking a cooking class at Faire La Cuisine in Granville, just outside of Columbus, will not only be a ton of fun and an amazing bonding experience for you and your sweetheart, but the lesson is something the two of you will benefit from moving forward.  On May 5th the lesson will be on putting together the perfect dinner party in an hour and for just $65 each, you'll create a meal from appetizer to dessert.  All of the instructors at Faire La Cuisine are experienced, professional, teachers and chefs with a real passion for cooking and food!  Go to the website to get the history of Faire La Cuisine and to read up on each one of The Cooking School's instructors.
  • Commit to one night a week for about six weeks together to learn something new.  At Blick Art & Craft store you can take advantage of the beginner's workshops offered while spending time with your baby.  He can carry your books to class for you and you may be able to sneak a kiss on the cheek while the teacher's not looking.  The repetition of the class will not only help you improve your newly found art skills, it will give the two of you something to look forward to.  It'll be "your thing."  Go to for a full list of workshops offered and the prices for each course.

Try out some of these "date night alternatives" to add a little spice to your weekly routine.  Not only will the time together improve your bond, the uniqueness of the date will give you something to remember and share.  Consider the on going workshops and classes as an option; each week you will look forward to your evening together knowing that for the next hour or so it's you and it's them.  The next day you will have something to talk about other then the kids or the dog or the jobs.

Don't forget to catch Date Night which is in theaters all over Columbus right now!  Make life easy and rather then going from site to site to get showtimes, visit for one stop shopping.  Happy Date Night!


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