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Make if count with your kids

With summer amongst us and numerous reasons to go outside in Michigan...maybe it is a good time to create moments on character building and teachable moments that influence the way our children perceive life.

So many of our kids are hurt and/or very angry from their past and present situations. It is very challenging just to transition to a new season or time of the year.

Here are a few tips for the troubled moments:

  • Make a jar of treats to use when things seem like a "bum" time - have child say one thing that is a positive (or a negative to talk through) and use the treat to remind them of how awesome they are doing!
  • Design a time line that goes up with each passing season of change (or accomplishment) - showing that this child's life is n the "up and up".
  • Find a favorite spot to go to discuss favorite memories - maybe make a scrapbook for them!
  • Find a friend to help who is going through something your child has already gone through - summer is a great time to bring friends together.
  • Inherit a stray cat _ or mentor someone else's pet! Helping an animal often is great therapy for our own souls.
  • Put a marble in small jar each time your child makes an awesome choice or overcomes a typical problem creator - fill it up and go for ice cream or rent a movie!

Looking into the upcoming school year...these ideas can be useful for other transition times. Write this Examiner with more of your own ideas to share at


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