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Make healthy eating choices when deciding what to eat

Make better healthy eating choices
Make better healthy eating choices
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One of the secrets to maintaining a healthy weight while still controlling your calories is to make sure you are putting the right types of food into your body. Counting calories alone is not a path to good health. Without fueling your body with the right fuels you may lose weight, but your health could suffer in the long run.

One area you need to concentrate on is insuring that you are eating nutrient dense foods, and not just foods that are calorie dense in general, fruits and vegetable are much more nutrient dense that processed foods.

When foods are overly processed they lose a lot of their flavor, texture, and eye-appeal. In order t make these foods more appetizing artificial flavor and color are added back in. Then they are loaded with preservatives so they will last longer on the warehouse and grocery store shelves. This process drains the foods of a lot f their nutrients, leaving a package that is loaded with calories, but not as much of the more healthy components.

By making sure that at least half of your plate is made up of fresh fruits and veggies you will be sure to get plenty of the nutrients your body needs without overloading your calories.