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Make food the SAFE way, or no way!


Safeway. the nation's second largest grocer, just announced that they have agreed to be purchased by Cerberus, the parent company of Albertson's. Several years earlier, Albertson's purchased Lucky Markets. Safeway currently owns Pak and Save, which will also be owned by Cerberus.

If USA is a country which cares about equality, freedom, and the rights of individuals, then shouldn't every individual be afforded equal rights and the freedom to make their own decisions? Already, whatever you buy is manufactured by ONE corporation, and soon, wherever you buy it will be at ONE corporation - THERE WILL BE NO CHOICE!

Economist Adam Smith promulgated the "Trickle Down" theory - enriching the wealthiest at the top would eventually benefit everyone below! The 2010 PG&E San Bruno pipeline explosion proved this did not benefit any of the customers, but cutting corners financially benefited the executives and stockholders. Whenever there is a profit, corporations privatize it; but when there is a loss, they try to socialize it!

If true equality existed in the USA, animals would have equal rights as humans. It doesn't mean humans must be vegetarians, but at least animals would be treated with respect prior to slaughter. Perhaps it means bringing butcher markets back - where animals are not killed in factory slaughterhouses a thousand miles away, and then packaged into plasticized packages behind closed doors. Case in point is Tyson Foods, McDonald's Restaurants, and others use of Mechanically Separated Meats (MSM), aka "pink slime."

The motive for every decision is money - not morals. It is either to maximize profits or to minimize cost. The environmental or social cost never enters the equation. If consumers saw where their crops were grown, and/or where their livestock were raised, perhaps they would think twice before buying and consuming it. How can organic ketchup packaged in a plastic bottle, and shipped half way around the world be organic? How much plastic degradation occurs during shipment? What ensures that the bottle of "Alpine" water is truly pure? What is being marketed is UNREGULATED! The only way our food can truly be organic is to empower ourselves to grow it locally, raise it locally, and compost / recycle / dispose of it locally. Perhaps what is needed is less centralization, fewer corporations, and more local cooperatives.

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