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Make extra cash selling Hot Holiday Toys on eBay. Tips & tricks: know what to buy & sell for profit


Extra holiday cash

Are you looking for extra money?  (And who isn't?)

Do you know how to sell on eBay?

If your answer is yes, then selling toys during the holiday time (which begins in October for online sales) may be the answer.  Even in bad economic times, parents and grandparents tend to still splurge on toys for their children. Every year there are "hot toys"  that tend to skyrocket to the top of children's wish lists...which means they end up being difficult to find in the local retail stores and are often sold out online at places like and  When this happens, if you are lucky enough to be able to find them in your local retail stores, you can list them on eBay at a great profit.

The trick often ends up being knowing which toys to sell!

1)  Pay attention to the children in your life. See what they are excited about or talking about in the world of toys. Often, children are the best ones to listen to when it comes to what new toys are exciting and which are not. Make a note of what commercials they are interested in and you can research the toys later online for their selling popularity.

2)  When you have found out what toys you think seem "hot", use an online research tool such as Terapeak to find out more about the sales history. Terapeak will tell you the sell through percentage (how many of the items listed on eBay actually sold), the average selling price, and it is also good for helping you create titles packed with keywords to draw potential buyers to your listings.
Try Terapeak for free at & if you like it you can subscribe.  I use Terapeak nearly every day and find it easily pays for itself.

3)  You can also explore eBay sellers, to see what their recommendations are for the Hot Holiday Toys. Jenni Hunt, one of the experts on toy selling on eBay, has produced a list of the Hot Holiday Toys that is available for purchase. It is inexpensive, and limited so that means for a small investment you will have a leg up on the competition. Jenni routinely sells toys and makes a huge profit doing so.   You can purchase the Hot Holiday Toy Guide online & have the information in hand so you can start stocking up and beating the crowds!  You will make the cost of the guide back very quickly, following her easy directions.

4)  Check out eBay's special feature called "eBay Pulse". This is a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks and cool stuff on eBay. You can search by category, so you can easily see the most popular searches in the Toys & Hobbies category. This is a great way to find out what eBay shoppers are looking for, so you know what is popular. This is a free service, and it is a great source of information!

Once you have decided what to sell, list! List! List!

Run shorter duration auctions (3 and 5 day) closer to the holiday, for a quicker turnover of your items. You can also be highly successful running items with a Fixed Price. Buyers like the ease of clicking, buying and being able to cross another name off their list.

Happy selling!

Some extra tips:

* Save your receipts! You can return items to most stores for a refund, if they do not sell. Pay attention to each store's return policy.
* Take a friend along, or a family member. Sometimes, as toys become more scarce, retailers place a limit on the amount you are allowed to purchase. If you have just scored the hottest toy, you don't want to only be able to buy 2. If you have a friend with you, they can check out separately and you'll end up with 4 items in this example.
* Check with your local stores to find out when they restock their shelves so you can plan your shopping route for the best results.