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Make dating more fun in 2010

Finding love in 2010
Finding love in 2010
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"In life, there are many things that we hope and dream for, love is but only one of them; though it seems that we spend all of our time looking for it, we probably keep walking right by it every time." ~Unknown

Dating in South Florida can be so crazy it could possibly be classified as a sport these days. However, taking the same approach to dating over and over may start to dig into the fun of it and your optimism towards it. This year, stir things up and make dating more fun and exciting by trying new avenues. Try new approaches even if they seem uncomfortable and strange. Step out of your comfort zone and take risks that might make 2010 the year you find the love you have been searching for.

Online dating sites such as, and, are exploding all over the world. Currently, online dating statistics show that 33% of their subscribers form relationships from their online connections. Most people find that it gives them more comfort to chat online, to find out more about their potential date, than to meet them sitting on a barstool. Facebook is another great connector of people. Many people have reconnected with friends that they dated or admired in the past and found that they have more in common now than they did years or decades earlier. Life’s trials and tribulations change all of us; someone you didn’t quite connect with in the past, might be your perfect match today.

Pay more attention to the people around you and the people you meet every day. Sometimes we can be so focused on our ‘type’ that we ignore that incredible person itching to get your attention and who might actually be a better fit for you. Be friendly and open to making new friends wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Stop focusing on where you are going next and look around, you never know when the right person could be looking right at you, as you rush on by.