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Make chemotherapy treatments easier with Chemo Cozy

Pink Women's Polar Fleece Jacket
Pink Women's Polar Fleece Jacket
Chemo Cozy

When was the last time you heard of fashion that was functional? Chemo Cozy is an innovative line of jackets created to provide comfort for patients during infusion treatments.

Created by Greg & Ellen Hamilton during Greg's fight with cancer in 2010, the jackets allow nurses and doctors to easily access port and PICC lines without the patient having to partially disrobe. Greg designed and used Chemo Cozy during his chemotherapy treatments. He wanted to make an uncomfortable and difficult experience a little more tolerable. The brand's motto, “Think Happy” reminds the world to make the best out of every situation and always stay positive.

Chemo Cozy jackets come in yellow, turquoise, pink and blue and are available for men, women and children. To order or learn more go to or call 800.298.COZY.