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Make Change that Leads to Something New

What happens when you get stuck in a rut? Think about it for a moment. There you are sitting in your car and the tires are mired in mud. First thing you do? Tell the truth now! First thing! Most people rev the engine. So, there you sit with the tires going round and round digging deeper and deeper in the soft, squishy dirt. Next is the back and forth dance; car in drive, car in reverse, car in drive, car in reverse. Sometimes this works, and off you go. At least here you did something different.

What, however, do you do if these two actions fail to bring the change you want? In this wonderful day of cell phones, you have great options. Call someone, like a brother-in-law with a truck or AAA.

Then you wait. You can listen to music in the car, read a book, call a colleague or just sit and meditate. Yet, most will sit and go over and over the annoying circumstances that got you in the mud in the first place. And that is how to waste the most precious resource you have - your mind power!

Whenever you are "stuck in the mud," this is an ideal time to make the changes that will lead you to a next new thing.

Entrepreneurs love change and yet, even the best of us get locked into old, hand- wringing ways of saying "It just won't work." "This is the way it's always been." "I'll never have a happy life!"

When waiting for the new ideas to come, take action. Here are some simple things that you can do, while sitting in a chair, that will have long term consequences for activating those brain neurons so that soon, really soon, you will have an "aha" moment and get to where you want to be.

Visualize the outcome of what you want: it only takes a few minutes of clock time to see in your "mind's eye" what you want. Don't judge it as impossible, just see it!

Hear it: don't just let the pictures take place, activate them with internal dialogue and let yourself talk out what you want. Let others who are in your inner picture talk also. You can even ask them questions and wait for the answers.

Walk backwards: Yes sir, I mean in real time. Get up on your feet and walk backwards. Little kids love to do this. It will get parts of your brain that have been latent, activated. Now, take the visualization and play it backwards from the beginning. You will be surprised what you learn.

Make a commitment to change something: If you tend to dress as if every day is casual Friday, buy yourself a new tie or blouse and dress up for the next few weeks; or get a haircut, or let your hair grow. Are desserts a no-no? Get a gooey hot fudge sundae today, or if you love desserts, eat a stalk of celery at the end of the meal.

Now, weeks later take stock of what has changed in your inner world, as well as your outer world. You see, getting the changes you want means taking small, yet definite actions to engage your brain and flood it with new ideas.

So, next time you get stuck in the mud, get out on the highway and flag down a friendly stranger who can help, and maybe, just maybe that important stranger will become your next best customer. You never know if you keep repeating the same behavior patterns over and over.

In fact, go to my website - yes, do it now, and take the PatternAware™ quiz to find out where you need to make change happen.

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