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Make Boston emerge as a style leader

Let us begin here.
Let us begin here.

Forget fashions top destinations around the world; Paris, New York, Milan, and Tokyo and let us as a city break through to be a United States front runner in style. Boston is known for Red Sox nation and the passion and pride we show for where we live. This city should evolve from baseball caps, T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and sweat pants to tailored pieces and fashion forward garments.

For women and girls alike it is all too common to see a common jean pant when women should accentuate feminine curves and personal ingenuity. For such a small city as Boston is it should not be hard to distinguish styles leading areas. It is near impossible when a fashion week is so minuscule and even has not a single event scheduled for the rest of the year. With many fashion design schools within a 10 mile radius why is it that fashion is near extinct within this small city apart from Newbury and Boylston Street?

Boston needs fashion innuendos with excuses such as publicized event openings, galas, and even better scheduled nights at local bars and night clubs. Where are all the PR people? Let’s give this city some life beginning with the ever evolving and revolving world and industry of fashion. Let's find what styles can help distinguish Boston’s fashionistas from most of the city who looks like they just rolled out of bed. Fashion is not found in the drawers of your bureaus, it is found with a keen eye and perception of life.