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Make and email a free commercial invoice with the ‘Invoice Home’ generator form

Make and email a free commercial invoice with the ‘Invoice Home’ generator form
Make and email a free commercial invoice with the ‘Invoice Home’ generator form
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Readers expect an Internet Deals Examiner writer to lead them to a variety of online technical deals that help make their lives easier, even if their own job isn’t based in technology. As such, those deals many times include services acting as intangible “gadgets” that offer free options to users seeking out such features.

One example is a website this journalist has used recently, called Invoice Home. It’s a fast and easy-to-use site that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to easily create an invoice with a few keystrokes – and even have that invoice emailed to their client.

As those who are self-employed know, it helps to not only possess the skills that help you get the job done – whether you’re a painter, farmer, or whatever – it is also critical that you have an organized, systematic manner of collecting the payments owed to you.

Apparently, according to the nearly 10,000 searches that come into Google each day surrounding the topic of invoices, people are looking for simple ways to select from a variety of invoice templates and get them quickly generated and sent off to their clients so they can collect their income. It’s an issue that workers in a large corporation may never deal with. Those kinds of folks generally collect their directly deposited paychecks at the first and middle parts of the month and never worry about creating an invoice to get paid. However, if you are a photographer – for example – seeking to collect payments from the clients you’ve conducted photos shoots for, that’s a whole different ballgame in terms of salary collection.

The best part about using services like Invoice Home is that users who aren’t used to the technical expertise that it takes to run Microsoft Publisher or search for and download an invoice template to use with Microsoft Word – if they have purchased the software at all – is that there’s no big learning curve needed with this free online invoice service.

From New York art gallery owners to a guy invoicing customers for his stable of cows in Kenya, the website has a wide range of offerings for a wide variety of users due to its capabilities to support more than 150 currencies around the world. Therefore, everyone from a bed and breakfast owner in California to a deejay in Chicago to an essayist in Ohio can quickly hop online after a hard day’s work and generate an invoice to send off to their clients.

As someone who has worked as an entrepreneur for nearly a decade can attest, I’m a living witness that the very act of an invoice being generated and presented to a client as a bill owed does a great job to help increase the likelihood of payment. After all, you’re providing documentation of services rendered or products produced, and placing the information in a great-looking bill that’s emailed in PDF format to your client helps alleviate all those concerns of trying to generate one via Microsoft Word, which the client might not be able to open anyway.

When it comes to getting paid for services you’ve performed, it helps to get rid of all the hindrances between you and your money. This invoice generating service is a good start.