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Make a Statement with Timeless Luxury Essentials from LXR&CO

Make a Statement
Make a Statement
Permission by LXR & Co.

From brightly-patterned scarves to bold statement necklaces and eye-catching colorful bags, it is safe to say that everyday accessories get a major facelift come spring and summer. Every girl needs those perfect warm weather essentials that work both for the office as well as those warm nights on patios, spent chatting by candlelight with a mojito or two. Many summertime accessories are one dimensional; they are purchased with the intention of around-the-year wear, but typically get cast aside or discarded come the autumn months. This year why not resolve to invest into fashion essentials that will carry you throughout the year? You can never go wrong with a timeless accessory, one that is guaranteed to not only never go out of style, but one that you can continue to wear throughout the year.

If you are a fashionista on a budget, the timeless fashion pieces can be quite costly, especially compared to what you might be used to spending on fast fashion. LXR&CO can be your go-to shopping destination to purchase that timeless piece, at a price that won’t prevent you from buying groceries this month. LXR&CO ( specializes in the sale of luxury vintage products, offering an incredible selection of previously owned handbags and accessories from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and more. With over 800 items listed on the website and many more items in their SoHo, New York and Beverly Hills boutiques, the merchandise both in-stores and online is changing constantly. LXR&CO offers up to 80% off the retail price for its customers, making shopping for a timeless piece easy and affordable.

Below is a sneak peek of the timeless luxury that LXR&CO has in-stores and online. While LXR&CO’s inventory changes daily, these essentials are always available both in-store as well as online at

Investment Piece 1: The Perfect Weekender Bag

Weekend trips are a breeze in the summer months. From cottage getaways and spa days, to endless hours lounging on the beach, the summer months are the best time to get out of the city. LXR&CO has a large selection of perfect, medium-sized bags for all of your weekend belongings. The Louis Vuitton duffels pictured left (starting at $399) is the perfect luxury weekender for the summer months to come. You can travel in style for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and every other mini vacation or business trip that comes up. Go ahead and book the trip, LXR&CO has got the luggage covered. Their expansive collection ranges from Louis Vuitton duffels and Keepalls to super chic Hermes backpacks.

Investment Piece 2: The Mini Wallet You Can Throw Into Your Clutch or Beach Bag

Every girl needs a functional wallet to organize her life. The quintessential piece to encase everything from that pesky loose change to those stray Starbucks cards she keeps forgetting to use. On beach days and nights out, long, bulky wallets just simply will not do. You need a small wallet that fits well into any clutch but is still reliable enough to carry the everyday essentials; that is when a perfectly sized coin purse will come in handy. LXR&CO is a one stop shop for a wide array of mini-wallets, coin purses and card cases from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. Invest in a designer vintage petite treat (mini wallets starting from $115) via LXR&CO and this summer can be spent letting loose while staying organized.

Investment Piece 3: The Perfect-Pop-Of-Color Silk Scarf

While bright colors and pastels hues are normally at the forefront during the summer season, we still need our fundamentals shades of black, white, and gray. A vibrant scarf is the perfectly easy remedy to introduce and incorporate the colors of the season into your look. LXR&CO’s selection of beautifully vibrant scarves from the likes of Hermes, Chanel and Gucci (starting at $79) are the perfect accessory to add that designer touch to any outfit. The beauty of a these scarves is that they can work in so many different ways. Wear your scarf as chic top underneath a blazer or jean jacket, tie it around your head for a fun and flirty look or even knot this silk accessory to your handbag to add an extra bit of flair.

Investment Piece 4: Statement Jewelry You Can Pass Down to Your Granddaughter

Whether it’s a work event or brunch with friends, statement jewelry can go with just about any look. These kinds of pieces continue to be on trend no matter the season. Bold Chanel necklaces and chunky Hermes bracelets are among the fashion favorites available on LXR&CO. Starting at $155, these pieces can top off any look and add that perfect “wow” factor you have been hunting for. While you’re channeling the shimmering bright feel of spring and summer, you can rest assured that even your future grandchildren will be fighting over who gets to wear these statement-makers long after you are done with them.

Similar items can be found at or in one of LXR&CO boutiques located in Beverly Hills, CA or in SoHo, New York.

About LXR&CO

Launched in 2012, LXR&CO currently operates both the website and retail stores in Beverly Hills, California and New York City’s SoHo area. LXR&CO prides itself on providing quality merchandise for the discerning buyer, utilizing its skills and experience in the industry to bring the world of high fashion handbags and accessories directly to its clients.

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