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Make a splash: Celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day

Dating back to the 1800s when the iconic yellow rubber duck was first created in China it was made out of rubber. This toy duck floated on water and became the most lovable bath toy ever made.

Did you have a rubber duckie when you were a kid?
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha

National Rubber Ducky Day” is the day we celebrate the birth date, January 13 of the most played with and adored bath toy in history. Are you ready to have a quacking good time in the tub with your little yellow duck or just reminisce of the days when you were young and played in the tub while making up stories of what the duck was saying and where it was headed from your creative imagination?

These little ducks did make history. Back in 1992 there was a storm on the Pacific and containers holding rubber duck bath toys were being shipped from a factory in China. The ship was loaded with three forty foot containers and approximately 29,000 toys were washed out to sea. The ducks that floated in the ocean were later spotted or landed on shores of many other countries. Australia, South America and Indonesia are said to have found them coming towards their shores. Many others were trapped in the ice up in the Arctic between Russia and Alaska and finally some were spotted floating towards North America.

Did you have a rubber ducky when you were a child?

Do you still have yours in a box or on a shelf with other items from your childhood?

Was it exciting to see it float over the water and between the bubbles of your bubble bath?

Did yours contain a plastic tab in the bottom that caused it to squeak?

Enjoy a nice soak and the squeak of your yellow rubber duck for “National Rubber Ducky Day”!

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