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Make a seashell wind-chime with all those seashells from the beach

Do your kids insist on bringing seashells home from vacation like mine do? I usually end up trying to be sneaky and conveniently "forget" them or throw them away when unpacking. However, this year, my youngest had his heart set on his shells. I just didn't know what to do when them so I decided to make a wind-chime with them. We have a lot of wind in our area so this craft was purposeful and very useful.

Prep the paint.
Kim Fiscus
Seashell Windchime
Kim Fiscus

Before you begin, make sure you boil the shells so they don't stink in the long run.

Your child will need your help for a few of the steps but if they were as happy as my son when it was finished, it will all be worth it. By the way, he hugged the chime when it was completed. My day was complete at that moment.

You will need: boiled and dried seashells, paint, paintbrushes, rope, scissors, drill and bit, and a thick stick.

Detailed pictures are located in the slideshow and the instructions are below:

Begin by prepping the area to paint by laying down plastic or newspaper. Have your child pick out the colors they want and then pour a little bit of each color into separate containers, giving each color their own paintbrush.

Instruct your child to paint both sides of the shells (top and bottom) and allow to dry.

After everything is cleaned up and the shells are dry, drill a hole in the middle of the shells. I recommend placing the shells upside down so the top of the shell is on the bottom. This gives you more stability so the shell won't crack. I would also recommend placing the shell on a piece of wood so the when the drill bit goes through the shell, it then goes into the wood and protects your surface.

Thread some rope (we used kite rope) through the hole, making sure you leave enough for the rest of the shells because the first shell you put on the rope will be the shell on the top.

Tie a knot in the rope to keep the shell from moving from it's place on the rope.

When all of the shells have been placed on the rope, tie the top end of the rope to the stick. Then, continue to make more sections of hanging shells. You will need at least 2 sections of hanging shells. We only did 2 sections with 4 shells on 1 section and 5 shells on the other section. Tie each section onto the stick so they are secure and the shells slightly touch each other.

When all the sections have been added to the stick, hang it outside and enjoy.

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