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Make a resolution that works

It is resolution time. For many, that means another attempt at beginning an exercise program or a new (same old) diet. Although, this article focuses primarily on weight loss, be sure to utilize these steps for every new goal or resolution.

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Losing weight is simple; it is just not so easy. When this question arises it could be reframed to "How do I lose weight and keep it off"? I am certain that you have lost weight before and regained it; so here are tips to modify your THINKING for long-term success.

5 tips to insure you break your failure cycle to reach your goals:

Get Specific - avoid "vague" goals. Weight loss is a poor goal. It is too general and lacks focus. The more specific you are with your goals the more likely you will be to reach them. How much weight loss? What is your time frame for reaching these milestones? What are you absolutely willing to do to achieve these results?

Focus on what you are gaining, not on what you are giving up. If you are focused on restricting items from your life and view improving fitness levels as a chore, or, you are focused on eliminating foods from your life - how long do you think you will have the willpower to hold out?

A better strategy is to list out all of the things you will gain by making changes to your habits. Improved energy and self-confidence would most likely happen first. Self-pride and the ability to stick with your goals and plans would follow.

Get into the process and out of the outcome. Change takes time. Be patient. No one makes a decision and magically changes. Everyone makes mistakes and takes missteps. Understand that a mistake is not the end. Get right back on track and get going.

Improved Fitness and Reduced Weight of any substantial sum is most likely a 12-18 month process. There will be plateaus and setbacks. How you plan for and deal with these setbacks will make all of the difference in your success. You WILL NOT experience smooth sailing. And, if you do, you will not maintain it for long.

Focus on your schedule. If you schedule it, you will do it. For many people sticking to a schedule is difficult. The habit of procrastination sets in and "The Tomorrow Syndrome" becomes a rally cry. If you will always start tomorrow and justify your lack of commitment to your health and goals you will never reach the goals that you set. Schedule your exercise and stick to your schedule. Make Fitness a non-negotiable priority. If you do not- you will not achieve the desired results.

Avoid "All or None" thinking. Focus on Progress, not perfection. If you are moving more than you have been before and eating better than you have then you are making progress! Congratulate yourself. You are doing great.

To your success,


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