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Make a pretty green quilt from an old comforter and sheets

Quilting is a green activity.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

A lot of my green projects came out of poverty. As a single parent I made a lot of sacrifices. Not having a pretty bedroom quilt was one of those. One day, when I was particularly frustrated I made the most brilliant discovery. If you can sew a straight line, you can make a pretty quilt out of an old comforter and sheets.

An inspiration

I had just gotten back from window shopping and had seen this pretty homespun quilt in the bed linens section at a store in the mall. I fell in love with this quilt with the little tiny flowers and yarn ties. Of course, looking at my old worn out comforter got me really depressed.

A light bulb moment

Then a thought crossed my mind. Someone had given me a set of sheets with pretty little pink flowers that would make the perfect pretty quilt. There was no money to buy any quilt batting. This brought on a thought about that old comforter. It wouldn't have to be so pretty if covered by the pretty sheets.

A quilt sandwich?

What if the old comforter could be sandwiched in between the pretty pink sheets somehow to duplicate that pretty quilt in the store? Understand that the title of seamstress does not describe me. So this started a flurry of thoughts on how to accomplish this magical feat.

Putting it together

One of the sheets was fitted so that part was easy. It just got fitted around the comforter. This left a nice uniform edge. That was step one. Of course that left the other sheet to deal with. With no brainstorms coming any time soon, it took a minute of thought.

Pinning it squarely

The comforter and fitted sheet combo were then spread out evenly on the floor, with the comforter facing up. They had to be positioned evenly, so the genius inside took over and pinned all four corners of the top sheet to the comforter and fitted sheet combo.

Pretty yarn ties

Next came the yarn ties. Of course there was no yarn to be found so embroidery floss was used for those. A small piece of pretty yarn is threaded through a hand needle then pulled through the quilt to the other side and back. Then the two ends are tied together. The tie goes through sheets and comforter.

Don't skip that step!

The ties hold the quilt in place, so the fabric of the sheets and comforter don't shift around while sewing (or in the wash). Thank goodness this tip got picked up along the way somewhere because it's absolutely necessary. Don't skip these little ties. They are a lifesaver.

After the ties are in place

The ties get placed in a grid pattern on the pretty quilt. There should be at least nine, and preferably more for better stability. Once the ties are done, immediately adjust the corner pins. Unpin one at a time and as they are unpinned, fold the sheet under so that it lines up perfectly with the comforter and fitted sheet combo.

Secure it for sewing

Once all four corners are re-pinned it should look like a reasonable copy of what the pretty little quilt will become. Now, put four more pins in the quilt in the middle of each side edge, halfway between the corner pins. Put another pin in the center between each pin and the one next to it. Now there is an evenly spaced line of pins all around the pretty quilt.

Time to sew

Now it's time to sew a straight line around the pretty quilt. The sewing machine foot should line up with the edge of the pretty quilt. Sew a little at a time lining up the edges as you go. Don't be in a hurry.


Remove the pins when done and check out the pretty little quilt, made from an old comforter and some sheets.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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