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Make a New Year's resolution to focus on your finances

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Noise Maker

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get your financial house in order? If so, start by checking out your financial institution's web site. They know that many folks think about ways to improve their financial situation at this time of year and many of them are prepared with tips, tricks and educational videos.

You may also want to pop in and speak with your local branch manager. I know I had good luck with that recently. I went in all gung ho on a plan I had to organize my finances thinking that I, with 26 years of banking experience, would have all the answers and she actually gave my idea just a twist and came up with something even better.

To give you some examples of what banks are offering, I took a quick spin around our local institutions. I have found all kinds of financial planning calculators, loan refinance calculators, IRA contribution information, college planning tips and so on. At Webster, they have a special section of their web site specifically focused on this very same topic.

Liberty Bank has a number of financial tips ranging from way to get the most out of your mortgage and IRA, to simple ways to save cash.

Simsbury Bank's financial planning page is focused on the big items, like buying a house, funding a college education, or my personal favorite. retirement.

And Farmington Savings Bank, has some education materials focused on their products.

As you can see, financial institutions want you to be smart about your financial decisions and think of them as a resource. Jot down the things you want to improve about your finances and make one of your action steps to visit your institution's web site to see what resources they offer you. Then get in touch with them and tell them your resolutions. I'll bet you'll find a willing partner to help you reach your goals.

Happy New Year everyone!