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Make a new necklace out of an old earring

Earring pendant with hemp chain
Earring pendant with hemp chain
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We all have an old pair of earrings that we never wear anymore or perhaps we've lost an earring and can no longer wear that perfect set.  Why not turn that earring into a one-of-a-kind necklace.  It's easy and affordable.  Here's how:

This project works best with earrings that have a fish hook backing.  Remove the backing of the earring.  You may need pliers to do this but some will slide off rather easily.  There will be a small, metal loop remaining that connected the backing to the decorative part of the earring.  Feed the chain through this loop.

There are many types of materials you could use for the chain but first consider the earring composition.  Is it gold, silver or something else like a stone?  Do you want the chain to match the charm or do want a more eclectic look?  Feel free to use the chain from an old necklace that you no longer wear.  If you do not have a chain, Michaels is an excellent resource for these materials.  Check out for your nearest arts and crafts store.  

A nice alternative to gold or silver chains is to use hemp. Michaels sells 100 ft. of hemp chord for $2.  Hemp chord is strong, easy to work with and nicely compliments gold or silver.  It is very trendy right now to mix and match the type of jewelry you wear.  For example, wear a gold necklace that you already have with this hemp necklace for a unique, urban look.  You could also use string and vary the color based on the style you are going for.

Take it a step further using several old earrings and put them all on one chain creating a funky charm necklace.

If you want a longer chain, you can simply tie a knot where the two ends meet.  Make sure you measure the length so that it can easily slide over your head.  Michaels also sells inexpensive necklace hooks if you want a shorter length chain. 


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