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Make A Magnetic Door!

Make a fun magnetic door!
Photo and photoediting by Cynthia Norris-Brooks

Running out of magnet space on your fridge? Want to make a cool closet door for the kids? Or just prefer the fun, cluttered look of magnets everywhere? Well, then here's the project for you!

First, the magnetic paint is around $30, so it's not particularly cheap. It's also a heavy, black paint with iron filings in it, which makes it rather obnoxious to paint with, and to get any kind of magnetism, you have to use the whole can, on just one project. I had to paint the pantry door brown afterward, because what other color can you cover five layers of thick black primer with in one coat? More than one coat of final color will weaken the magnetism, which isn't all that powerful to begin with. That's why I had to use the whole can, to build it up to the point where it was usable. They have magnetic/chalkboard paint kits available, which, after seeing the big brown door, is an option for children's bedrooms. I wouldn't want chalk all over the kitchen, or an eerie green pantry door, but for painting a project board, or a kid's bedroom closet door, chalkboard green might be okay. One last word, check the paint can inside the box before you buy it. I had to make a trip back to Home Depot after taping everything up, because the can inside the box was the chalkboard variety, not the magnetic type I wanted. The magnetic type is $10 more expensive, so someone previously had swapped cans in boxes. You probably won't be able to reuse the paintbrush, either, it cruds up pretty fast. But for more magnet space and a funky 70's feel, a magnetic pantry door could be just the thing!

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