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Make a good first impression when finding a new job

Dress for success to make that good first impression on a job interview.
Dress for success to make that good first impression on a job interview.
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When starting a new job, making a good first impression is paramount to success. But for those that are still pounding the pavement to find that dream job or first job, a first impression is even more important as there are no “do-overs” for that first meeting. Here are some reminders to help make that initial moment a memorable one.

Having a great resume may have been enough to garner the interview, but being prepared will be a far greater success and is key to making a good impression. Refrain from doing anything else on the interview day, but think about doing a few things in advance such as making sure there is enough gas in the car so as not to be late or smell like petrol when walking into a room. Also, take the time to scope out the area and make a dry run to ensure one knows the location of the interview.

A good first impression requires being on time to the interview. Don’t be too early or late. When arriving too early, the interviewee looks too eager and arriving late says the opposite. Avoid a potential bad first impression and arrive on time.

Dress for success. Seriously! The way a person is dressed will reflect either a good or a bad impression in the eyes of the interviewer. Remember, the person sitting across the desk very well may be the hiring manager for the job. No matter if it’s a construction job or a desk job, err on the side of caution. Avoid jeans, polo shirts and flip flops. Wearing wrinkle-free clothing, having clean, combed hair and being scent free shows that one takes pride in their appearance and ultimately the company.

Take the time to research the company offering the job and be able to ask questions specifically related to them. Be engaged. It shows interest and awareness in the company and that one is not just desperate to find employment.

Making a good first impression is the only way to stand out when interviewing for that first time job or the job of a lifetime. Make all that hard work pay off by being prepared, arriving on time, dressing for success and showing interest by asking pertinent questions based on research in the company. Be actively engaged, and most assuredly this first meeting will be memorable and successful.

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