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Make a gingerbread house and make a memory

How to Make A Gingerbread House
How to Make A Gingerbread House
compliments of Nestle

The holiday season is families, spending time together and making memories. Making gingerbread houses is one of those holiday events that young and old can enjoy together. Included here are two recipes – one for those who need a shorter, faster version and the other for those who want to go the traditional route.

You can use any candies or decorations you want. These listed are suggestions.

Easy Gingerbread Cottages by Nestle©


  • sturdy piece of cardboard,
  • double-sided tape
  • tape
  • 1 pint milk carton, emptied
  • 1 box of 2 1/2 inches x 5 inches graham crackers
  • 1 16-oz can of frosting. White for snow and any colors you choose.
  • 1 14-oz. bag of coconut
  •  A variety of candy such as:
  •  SPREE Candy Canes
  •  Mini Chewy SWEETARTS in Holiday Dispensers
  •  Giant SWEETARTS
  •  WONKA NERDS Ropes


  1. Tape carton opening shut.
  2. Tape the carton to the base.
  3. For the sides, carefully break 4 graham cracker sheets, into fourths, for a total of 12 pieces. Set aside.
  4.  For the roof, break each graham cracker sheet in half along the scored line, 2 pieces, one for each side of the roof. Set aside.
  5. Frost the entire carton. Place 3 of the smaller graham cracker pieces, horizontally, onto each side. Place 2 of the larger graham cracker pieces on each side of the top of the carton, to create the roof.
  6.  Using the frosting as "glue", place SNO-CAPS in rows to create snow covered roof shingles. Wrap the NERDS Rope around the edges of the side of the carton and secure with frosting. Place 3 red Mini Chewy SPREE in the center above the NERDS Rope.
  7. For the front of the cottage, use 5 green Mini Chewy SPREE to create a round wreath below the center of the NERDS Rope. Break off 2 rounded ends of unwrapped SPREE Candy Canes and put them together to create a horse shoe shape for the front door.
  8.  Unwrap SPREE Candy Canes and break them into 2-3/4" lengths. You will need four of these pieces. With frosting, glue one SPREE Candy Cane piece under the roof and one at the base of the cottage on both sides (the sides which do not have the NERDS ROPE decoration). Secure 2 to 3 red Mini Chewy SPREE to each side to represent windows.


  1. Frost the board. Use candies to create trees , a cobblestone walk our snowmen.
  2. Sprinkle some shredded coconut "snow" around and your cottage is ready for visitors!


  • P.L. 5 years ago

    Very easy for young students to use!!

  • beachmonkeys 5 years ago

    LOve this!!! Thanks so much for the amazing idea!!

  • Belinda 5 years ago

    It is very easy, even for younger kids to do. And busy adults. One of the reasons our family enjoys it so much!

  • MLB 5 years ago

    Love this ... looks like I could maybe tackle this one next year!

  • Susan 5 years ago

    I used to do this. Then the cafeteria stopped selling pint milk cartons and went to little bottles. Now what! I tried it last year without the support. Let's just say, we had fun trying to create, but ended up basically just snacking on the building materials.