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Make a Festival Resolution in 2010

So, it’s the end of the first week of 2010, and if you’re among the majority of Americans, the assertions of change you made at the end of the “aughts” have already gone out the window or are sneaking out quietly to abandon you by the end of the month. Farewell, declared announcements; shall we try it again next year?

For effective weight loss, (no, no, keep reading, I don’t do the diet column and will, at some point later in the year, reinforce this by talking about funnel cake and fried Snickers), experts recommend that those who are serious about weight loss not start their diets on the First of the Year (or on a Monday). In that same vein, I am going to suggest two more resolutions today, on Friday, January 8, that I hope you’ll consider adopting for 2010:

1) Visit more festivals. Baltimore is a festival kind of town. Everything from Flower Mart on Charles Street to the Maryland State Fair takes place here. Some have a decidedly local flavor (Hon Fest), while others provide a platform for major, international, artists and personalities to show the best that they’ve got in Charm City (Baltimore Book Festival). Festivals are usually free, they’re easily accessible, and they help boost the Baltimore economy, which benefits all of us.

2) Volunteer at a festival- Want to see one of Charm City’s signature festivals in an entirely new way? Spend a few hours volunteering! The Baltimore Office of Promotions and the Arts (the City organization that produces and promotes most of the major festivals) maintains a database of interested volunteers and sends out emails seeking signups for individual events as they get closer. Depending on the event, as a volunteer, you could do anything from setting up tents, directing traffic, serving at the gala celebrations, or escorting your favorite author around the event. As a volunteer, you’ll meet great people while giving back. It also looks great on a resume.

For more information, visit BOPA’s website or look at your favorite festivals’ websites to see if they’ve begun the call for volunteers. As I share suggestions for great events to attend, I’ll also keep my eyes and ears out for volunteer recruitment and will pass that information along.

Be sure to tell me about your favorite Baltimore events. Leave a comment here or email me at Here’s to a great 2010 of festivals and fun!


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