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Make a DIY copper pipe side table

Make your own DIY side table with a few basic tools
Make your own DIY side table with a few basic tools
Brit & Co.

If you live in a small space, sometimes it's not so easy to find the perfect petite side table. Fortunately you can build your own using a few basic tools and a tutorial from Brit + Co.

Blogger Chelsea Mohrman came up with a great snall-space project utilizing copper pipe, glue and a pre-cut table round.

This project requires:

  • 10 feet of 3/4 inch copper pipe
  • six copper T-fittings and
  • four copper end caps

You'll also need, at minimum, a pipe cutter and a drill with a 3/4 inch drill bit and a 14-inch pre-cut wood circle (or cut your own).

You may also need paint in your color of choice to paint the table top.

You'll use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe into four legs of 18-inches each. You'll also cut four small 3-inch pieces and one six-inch piece for your table base.

Morhrman recommends fitting everything together before gluing. Create the base first. The 6 inch piece is the center of the base. Cap each end with a T-fitting. Then put the short 3-inch pieces on both ends of the two T-fittings. (Photos help a lot here.)

Cap all of the short 3-inch pieces with another T-fitting. These four T-fittings will be perpendicular to all your other pipes. This is where the legs go in.

Cap the bottom of the legs with the end caps.

Glue all the pieces together.

Line the base up with on the bottom of your table and mark it. You'll drill four indentations to allow the copper base to fit into the bottom of the wood table top.

See the full tutorial with lots of photos at Brit + Co.

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