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Make a bar cabinet out of an old tv armoire

You've seen the bar carts on Mad Men and dreamed of one. But face it, it's not in the budget. You can build one out of an old TV Armoire. You know you have one. With the invention of flat screen TV's everyone has an old TV cabinet hanging around. The beauty of an armoire is you can close it. If you want to use a dresser or something else that works too.

First clean it out. Then decide if you want to paint, stain etc. The one I show below I left intact, as it belongs to my parents. If you are painting or staining, now is the time.  If you are using a dresser or something flat on top, hop on over to the local glass shop and purchase a piece of glass for the top,  Then ask the glass shop to sand the edges, cheap and easy, or use a mirror on top. Hit the Dollar Store, and get a framed mirror, then just put  on top like a tray (remove the hangers).

Now the fun part, start filling with spirits, wine, etc. I used a couple of FREE,  yes free wine boxes from Trader Joe's, just ask they will let you have them. Now, as you can see from the picture, I didn't put in any hanging wine glass holders, although they would look great below the wine glasses, (I am really thinking about doing this, just the wire cheap ones).  However, I did install  (just peel and stick)  2 LED tap lights under the wine glasses (the old VCR or Cable Box holder) to add ambiance at night. 

Now, what are you waiting for?  Look around, you have to have a cabinet, dresser, nightstand, something that you could make into a bar cart, or bar armoire.  Holidays are coming, start making your home ready.


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