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Major updates to Warframe geeks up the online community

Photos of the Warframe Prologue
Photos of the Warframe PrologueMax@Play

Major updates to Warframe geeks up the online community

Volt for Warframe
Volt for WarframeYoutube

Good Day Tenno. The long awaited updated to the free to play game Warframe have finally been released and the community is in love. Update 14 is a total overhaul to game play and user interface. A personal big plus is the full integration of handheld controllers. You can now handle all combat and user interface with the controller of your choosing. The popular choice in the Detroit gaming community is the variations of the Xbox controller. For longer running veterans of the game they never had a true intro story but with this update they were treated to a full on prologue and story introduction. At the end of the prologue mission you, a Tenno, are finally introduced to your own ship, something that is totally new to Warframe.

With the addition of your ship they also introduce ship to ship combat. Don’t worry, you never have to go into battle alone with the creation of your new four legged battle mate. Warframe and tamegotchi enthusiast will enjoy the addition of being able to breed and raise his or her own canine friend for battle. This dog has to be raised and then leveled up for combat. Gamers are already discovering a glitch that will kill your new buddy if you don’t check them regularly. There has also been some complaints about collision issues and frame rate slow downs. Some of this can be attributed to the update demanding more from systems and players systems not being able to keep up. Most of the bugs only effect the new updates but the development team is working tirelessly to patch these trouble areas. The update has been live for less than 48hrs and 3 of the major bugs have already been repaired. The game is still a ton of fun and as long as the patches keep coming in the game will become stable and return to awesomeness. For more on this game and others check out Max@Play

Did I forget to mention Mirage, the newest Warframe.

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