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Major trades won't change Philadelphia Phillies' tale

Amaro's reputation indicates major trades will be made again.
Amaro's reputation indicates major trades will be made again.
Photo by Harry How

The Philadelphia Phillies are hardly the team that they used to be. No longer feared mashers, Ryne Sandberg's 2014 squad will be fortunate to break the .500 line this season, which is one reason why general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. is likely going to pull the trigger on a few major trades.

Some fans (and baseball writers) may believe they have prophetic powers. Their dim diamond view reveals a tinge of seasoned analysis mixed with emotional prognostication. The gathered mob is more than annoyed and isn't afraid to let everyone know about it.

Yes, the Phillies no longer have a consistent lineup, or an exceptional defense. Their starting rotation is good, but is undercut by an inexperienced bullpen, save for Jonathan Papelbon and a recently returned Mike Adams. Each of these inventory factors play into Amaro's purview.

Philadelphia's top front office baseball boss has been under fire since the St. Louis Cardinals unexpectedly dropped the Phillies in the 2011 National League Division Series. Each subsequent season since then has been filled with turmoil, mounting losses and an increasingly bleak on-field outlook. Obviously, Amaro's job is less secure (logically) if he can't engineer the printing of playoff tickets in the near future.

The hire of Ryne Sandberg and the return of Larry Bowa was welcomed by the masses. However, the fans know that new (and returned) dugout bosses won't dramatically affect the win column this year.

Amaro will likely find creative ways to move top players by the non-waiver trade deadline, at the earliest. Prior to those events, a meaningful deal could be seen this spring as well. But, in either regard, an ongoing roster revolution needs to play out over the next few seasons before realistic World Series hopes can be held again.

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