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Major Style with NFL Athlete Representative Garrett Majors

I wish I could see the whole t-shirt, too cute!
I wish I could see the whole t-shirt, too cute!

Garrett Majors is an NFL athlete representative who surrounds himself with great friends and great family. If you didn't know him you would think Garrett Majors woke up like this. Over the years I have watched Garrett's style transform from a boy to a well-dressed and respected business man. This is a very good look for him so I sat down with Garrett to find out how he did it.

Garrett Majors

Me: Where are you from?
Garrett: I am from Harrisburg Pa, born and raised.

Me: Have you lived in Harrisburg all your life?
Garrett: Yes, I have lived in Harrisburg my whole life. I have had the opportunity to travel many places but I’m proud to say home is where the heart is. I love my city.

Me: What made you decide on a career as an NFL sports agent and athlete representative?
Garrett: I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a master degree in Sports Management. While there I was a student athlete and a recipient of a football scholarship. Shortly after receiving my masters, one of my close friends who’s more like a brother to me was accepted into the NFL. I linked up with his agent and it's been history ever since. I have a long way to go but I'm motivated. I love sports so I'm blessed to be employed in this field. I still have a soft spot for the youth in our city, so when I’m not traveling for work I substitute teach in the Harrisburg school district. Giving back is important to me, so being involved in the children's lives of our city is huge. It keeps me humble in the life I lead and as the man I have become.

Me: What’s your favorite color to wear and why?
Garrett: I like to wear a range of colors. Wearing bright colors shows that I’m different but at the same time confident and bold. I don't like “going with the flow” or even “keeping up with the Jones” lol. I'd rather stand out. I also wear mono tone colors such as brown, green, gray, tan etc. It really depends on the occasion. I have confidence that if it looks good I can pull any color off. So to answer the question I guess I really don’t have favorite.

Me: When the holidays season approaches do you have a holiday or seasonal look? If so what does your look consist of?
Garrett: My look for the holiday season is simple and chic. Business casual is most represented during this time of the year with me. If I’m going out to an event in the city, my look will consist of sweaters or long sleeve button ups, casual jeans (True’s, Levi's, Express, Polos). We all know foot wear is important, so mine usual will consist of a causal Polo boot and/or Gucci/Prada sneaks. If I'm relaxing or just want to be comfortable a nice Polo hoodie or sweat suit, casual jeans and footwear will either be AirMax 360's or 95's. I dress for the occasion and weather lol.

Me: Do you have a seasonal scent that sets the tone for the occasion?
Garrett: My scents, no matter the holiday or season, is Dolce &Gabanna, YSL, True Religion, and Polo. You can never go wrong with one of the three. Trust me! Lol

Me: If you could give your style a name what would you call it?
Garrett: If I could give my style a name it would simply be called "I'm me". Why? Because I wear what I want and what I like. I don't follow the trends. I do me. So "I'm me" would best fit my style.

Me: Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?
Garrett: I get my inspiration from different areas of the world I have traveled. You see a lot of people wearing the same things. It happens to everyone, but I try to prevent that. So my inspiration comes from stepping outside the box and going for what I like and what I feel best fits my personality. Not what's in at the moment.

Me: I noticed your style has evolved over the years which is a beautiful thing to see but how did it happen?
Garrett: My style has defiantly evolved over the years. As I matured so has my mind and body frame. You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I want to continue to be a successful business man, and that’s how I approach what I wear. Any setting may be potential business. With that being said, my style had to evolve to stay in line with my goals and the success I plan to see.

Me: Do you and your family have any family traditions?
Garrett: For sure. My mom Merry Majors is the best cook in Pennsylvania. Hands down ask the city about her. Lol. She cooks a feast during the holidays and anyone from family to friends come over and we spend the whole day eating, laughing, and sharing memories that never get old. My mom is the most generous person I know and all we want to do is enjoy the time with those most important to us.

Me: Do you have a motto that you live by?
Garrett: I live by the motto "everything happens for a reason". You can't question the man upstairs. No matter good or bad, it's a reason for it all. All you can do is move forward and stay strong. Life happens.

Me: Your style is very attractive to a lot of women so what style do you like to see on women?
Garrett: I like a woman who is versatile. She looks good in classy/dressy attire but also her beauty can remain the same even when she’s chillin' in a nice sweat suit, tights, and sneaks on occasion. I want to see more women confident about themselves. Confidence is the best trait a woman can have.

Me: What’s the one grooming tip that you live by?
Garrett: Grooming tip would have to be to keep a sharp line up every week and a fresh hair cut every 2 weeks s/o to my barber Avery Cloud. You have to stay up on that. It's a must. Always be presentable if not for others at least for yourself.

I believe it was Rachael Zoe who said " Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" and Garrett is saying quite a few things when he steps into a room. Follow Garrett on Facebook to see what he will wear next.

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