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'Major patch' being worked on for Backbreaker


Despite its mixed critical reception, NaturalMotion's Backbreaker still has a strong legion of fans, and offers a promising glimpse at what true physics-based football games can be like. It didn't contain the sizzle or presentation of Madden, but it did offer some downright visceral - if flawed - on field action.

Fortunately for existing owners of the game, and folks still on the fence, the development team at NaturalMotion have just announced they're working on a 'major patch' which will take into account feedback and suggestions from the Backbreaker community. Via their facebook page, Head of Games Todd Gibbs said:

"I wanted to share something with you. We’ve had to hold back on discussing this for the past couple of weeks but today I can finally tell you that we have been working on a major patch for Backbreaker. The patch will address many issues and requests raised by the Backbreaker community, so thank you for your valuable input. Further information will follow in good time, but you should be aware that this is something that we are taking seriously and will not be rushing out."

While not confirmed as being addressed in the patch just yet, some of the community's major complaints are the lag while playing online, the rigidity of the passing game, and a less-than-smart offensive AI.

Still, credit goes to the development team for continuing to improve their product well beyond its release date.

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