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Major Ft. Worth media ignores 2014 Marijuana March

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"Amazing march! Yet the traditional media stayed away in droves." – John Spivey, Tarrant County Libertarian Party.

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The Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, DFW NORML, did their part to make the 2014 Global Marijuana March a rousing success in Ft. Worth but the area's paper and electronic news outlets apparently ignored it.

Libertarians did their best to help.

The Tarrant County Libertarian Party displayed their longstanding support of marijuana freedom with an information booth pitched near Panther Fountain in Hyde Park.

Justin Oliver reported "thousands in attendance" and posted a short video on the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left YouTube channel.

"The sidewalks were so crowded," Oliver said of the march itself, "that we eventually stretched into the streets to form a half-mile parade that walked from the Ft. Worth Convention Center to the courthouse at Federal Plaza and back."

"Executive Director of DFW NORML Shaun McAlister had given a few interviews to independent media," Texas Cannabis Report stated, "but there was no local traditional media to be found. No reporters, no film, no photographers."

Festivities began at noon with live bands, speakers, food and vendors of many kinds but the crowd, estimated at the organizer's goal of around 1,000 at that point, suddenly swelled just before the actual march scheduled for 4:20 that afternoon.

Some estimated the overall crowd size during the march at 2,200, a record-breaker for the event.

DFW NORML Facebook posted this observation:

"Over 2,000 Texans march through the streets of Fort Worth for marijuana and literally smoke out the Tarrant County Courthouse with no arrests, and yet no media covers it because they're too busy covering Mayfest. Does this sound deliberate to anyone else?"

If the traditional media has a problem with covering an event like this because of social, political or philosophical reasons the Dallas Libertarian Examiner has no such reservations. The Internet, where real news for real people picks up the ball fumbled by the old conventional news vehicles, has an abundance of photos and videos on display.

And that seems to be where – and why – free people go when they want real news today.

"This was the largest event ever put on by DFW NORML," Stephen Carter concluded in his Texas Cannabis Report article.

All photos, as always, thanks to DFW NORML Executive Director Shuan McAlister and the Texas Cannabis Report.



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