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Major factors that contribute to hair loss: Ways to save your locks

Many individuals these days are experiencing hair loss and it is a condition everyone seems to be concerned about. There are many, many reasons why hair loss could be affecting a person.

Tips to prevent hair loss!

One major factor associated with hair loss is genetics. It is quite common that the genes in the family are passed down from one generation to another. Another major reason definitely deals with medical issues. A person who has thyroid trouble or has had this gland removed with without a doubt experience hair loss. Many medications that an individual may take can also be part of the problem.

Those factors are really out of your control. Genes, medical conditions and medications are issues that have to be dealt with. Too many people would be extremely ill if they ignored their symptoms or decided to no longer take the medication that was prescribed to them from their physician that could be life-saving.

Other factors that also play a major part on hair loss are actually issues that we can control. These are things that we can do something about with simple changes in our lifestyles.

Styling and processing of hair is a huge contributing factor to hair loss. Blow driers, curling irons, flat irons, curlers, relaxers, hair color, bleaching processes and permanents all cause damage to the hair. When these processes are over done, it can cause hair to fall off or out depending upon an individuals’ body chemistry.

Pregnancy can also play a part in hair loss. The unexpected change in a woman’s body between weight gain, hormone changes and the growth and needs of the child in the womb can cause extra hair to fall out or break off when brushed.

Lastly, a lack of protein in your diet can also contribute to hair loss. Eating healthy is important to survival as well as your hair. Hair health also depends upon what foods you introduce into your system and if you aren’t supplying an amply amount of proteins hair loss and breakage is possible.

Some foods that are rich in proteins are: beef, ham, pork, veal, liver, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, peas, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds, seafood and shellfish. Enjoy a balanced diet and don’t forget the protein that your hair needs to be healthy too.

Be kind to your hair – it might just help prevent some fall out!

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