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Major Escondido road widening goes ahead

Escondido drivers will pick a lane on a 4 lane Bear Valley Parkway in 2016.
Escondido drivers will pick a lane on a 4 lane Bear Valley Parkway in 2016.
SD COunty

Work on widening a 1 mile stretch on Bear Valley Parkway started this week at the groundbreaking. Construction workers will widen the 2 lane fast road traffic has been building up on to 4 lanes.

The county's Department of Public Works has stayed ready to start the congestion relief project for 5 years. After land along the parkway was taken up by the county, a road work contract was awarded to a contractor in June.

The 15 million dollar project started with the project cost funded by Transnet, Prop 1B, and the City of Escondido. Escondido will pay for work done in the city.

Supervisor Dave ROberts kicked off the planned expansion fo the major roadway at the groundbreaing, telling Escondido drivers they have a fast road, with a familiar open road look, to use in tore. Rubber from more than 10,000 recycled tires will go into the rubberized asphalt workers will use to cover the mile from San Pasqualre Valley Road to Boyle Avenue.

Along the two road sides, workers will add a bike lane protected by a shoulder, and, lay in a sidewalk on paths past new signalized intersections the workers will realign, and, safe crossings. A peaceful quiet tree scene will stay on Bear Valley Parkway. Trees along the roadside will keep travel in outdoor weather easy. After the project work ends in Fall in 2016, lines into Escondido will have an improved aesthetic look. Overhead utilities lines will run underground. The road through the middle of Bear Valley Parkway will have lengths of landscaped medians, and, parkways.

Commuters driving the parkway will experience lowered traffic congestion and faster traffic flow.

The county plan is to ease up trouble spots on an increasingly traveled open road, starting at the San Pasquale Valley Road intersection the county has been looking at making a 28 acre mixed use village area to open up both commercial and residential building. Building build up in the intersection area is expected to go up.

Road expansion work on the stretch that passes Birch Road will upgrade the water works. Workers will improve the drainage, and, upgrade the waterlines.

The widened Bear Valley Parkway will have a Major Roadway classification that fits in the county's general plan for mobility on county roads.

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