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Major Announcement!

Can the citizens of Jonesboro rally their support to beautify the history of their city? As Mayor Joy Day emphasized, Jonesboro have historic buildings that are in need of repair and reconstruction. Passing the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) would add great value to restore the city’s history. Not only are buildings in need of repair but streets and business centers are in need of repair and restoration. How many times can one say that they can drive along and not see dangerous pot holes in the ground, business centers having their locations infested with used tires and debris which in turns drives away business (customers) yet give the city of Jonesboro a bad reputation? Is it not enough to see condemn buildings that leave a “shell” from closing and later see the building used as a graffiti board?

Major Announcement: Citizens of Jonesboro, now is the time to step up, speak up, show up, and support the SPLOST and the reputation of the county. Everyone makes a difference!

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