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Maja Salvador enjoys vacation in South Africa with Gerald Anderson

Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson
Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson
Instagram/Maja Salvador

They became a couple after their separation with their respective partners two years ago, but because of the controversies involving Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo, two of the most beautiful celebrities in the industry today, Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador decided to hide their blossoming romance. Again, that was two years ago, today, they are a picture of a happy couple, in fact, their video showing their love for each other posted by Maja on her official Instagram account is the subject of conversation of their followers this morning, Aug. 5, 2014.

Based on a posted article of ABS-CBN News, Gerald Anderson was caught on camera kissing Maja Salvadorwho is now in Africa for a pictorial for local magazine Mega. The caption of the video read; “I love you South Africa. Thank you handsome, I am happy you are here.” As of this morning, said video showing their love and affection to their respective followers has 9550 likes and 526 comments.

Gerald courted Maja when he decided to leave the concert queen Sarah Geronimo. Based on the report, their romance started when they went to Cebu for a promo of their movie 24/7 In Love. After their promo tour in Cebu, Maja Salvador allegedly invited Gerald Anderson to attend the bridal shower of her cousin at Misibis Bay Resort in Albay.

After their trip in the Bicol Region, some observers revealed that they also went to Antonios, one of the famous restaurants in Tagaytay City. After hearing the report, popsters and AshRalds (fans of Sarah and Gerald) took to their social media accounts and expressed their disappointments regarding the issue. They said Gerald should fix his differences with the pop princess first before he jump into another relationship, but despite their encouragement, Gerald took the risk and decided to move forward.