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Maintaining your online presence is essential in your career journey

Candidate meeting employer
Candidate meeting employer
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In positioning yourself for career growth, it's important to have an online presence where you are maintaining a consistently up to date portrait of your highlighted skills and experience that are relevant to your industry. Keeping in tune with how you are represented online and how you are utilizing social media. In this day and age, the various social platforms are a direct reflection of yourself and when used correctly can create another addition to the professional depth you offer in your career area and support your credibility.

Take inventory of your online presence every few months, adjusting when and where necessary. This practice will help you build an attractive online reputation that can introduce you to new opportunities. Neglecting your presence could possibly mis-represent you and your professional efforts.

According to, "A recent study by OfficeTeam shows that more than 1/3 of companies feel that online profiles replace traditional resumes. And with companies increasingly checking social profiles before making hiring decisions, resumes will become decreasingly important over time."

The Alliance Group notes, "A major trend these days is treating your career as an entrepreneurial adventure. A recently coined term for this is 'careerpreneur'. When you are a careerpreneur, you bank on your own reputation as an expert and a professional in your field of work, independent of the good name of your past employment. Since the majority of people perform online searches before making decisions on which professional to hire for a job, it has become increasingly important to have a positive, professional online presence. This is your personal brand online."

Actively maintaining your online presence is also building you 'as a brand'. This poises the return on investment question to the prospective employer of the value all your activities as a brand, will yield. Make your online presence an asset by using it to express your professional goals and aspirations.

"Taking the time to build your Internet identity and use technology to your advantage in your job search will serve as a direct counter to unfair stereotypes and will serve as solid proof that you are adaptable and embrace positive change and new technologies", states

Here are some best practice suggestions for the upkeep of your online visibility:

  1. A great photo-Be sure you are conveyed in a professional manner with your photo.
  2. Quality over quantity-Sharing thoughtful comments regularly is an opportunity to create a positive opinion of you and the benefits you offer a company or client. In addition to the expertise you have acquired.
  3. Be assertive with the various social channels-Manage your connections. Connections and networking strengthen your insight to new information and concepts in your field.

If you're actively job seeking or building your professional profile, your online presence will extend your professional reach beyond your immediate circle. Having an ongoing and well kept portrayal of your contributions in today's online environment is all-important for the establishment and range of a fruitful career.

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