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Maintaining friendships during the recession

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The recession has meant many changes for some of you.  Drastic measures such as moving into a smaller house, driving a car that gets better gas mileage, and not going out as much are examples of the changes.  All of these changes have a common theme: they are cost-cutting measures.  You have had to change the way you socialize and where you socialize.  You find yourself saving money to go out that one time a week versus three times a week.  To put it simply, life is a different now and that can add a strain on you for sure.  The silver lining is in your friendships.  You need your friends and your friends need you during these tough economic times. 

Spending time with your friends takes you away from the strain of the recession.  It is a treat in itself to get this time together.  Now the question becomes where do you go? Maybe you want a nice afternoon of leisure and are in the mood to splurge on a book.  A book store is the place for you to let your mind wander.  Check out Borders in Flint on Miller Road.  Borders has a coffee cafe inside.  It is a nice way to catch up with your friend as well as discuss your books you have picked out.

What better way to spend your time with your friend than to add something sweet, like a piece of delicious pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company   on Center Road in Burton.  Remember your time with your friend is about forgetting your economic strains, at least for a little while.  You deserve to splurge a little bit and the pie from  Grand Traverse Pie Company will definitely make your day complete.

It is your friendships that are as important to you now as they have ever been.  Your friends are another support system for you and you for them.  Take your minds away for a while and go enjoy a new book and a slice of delicious pie.  You deserve it.


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