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Maine Wildflowers: Purple Asters

Maine Wildflowers: Purple Asters
Maine Wildflowers: Purple Asters
Glenda Popielarski / Flickr

Purple asters (Symphyotrichum sp) include several species of asters, which includes the New England Aster, says Wildflowers of the United States. These daisy-like flowers line the roadsides in Maine in late summer and early fall creating a flush of purple that announces summer is drawing to an end. Some sources refer to them as ‘late purple aster’. Flowers range in color from deep purple to blue and lavender or nearly pink, depending on the species. These tiny daisy-like flowers produce a showy cluster of blooms atop thin wiry stems.

  • Purple asters thrive in full sun in a range of soils from loamy to sandy. They can be found in ditches and on banks and often line country roads.
  • When added to wildflower or meadow gardens, asters prefer evenly moist soil, but tolerate drought well. Water them deeply once or twice a week to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Plant wild asters along fences or at the back of flowerbeds as some species grow to a height of three feet.
  • Pair purple asters with rudbeckia or other yellow-orange flowers for contrast and to highlight their rich color.
  • Wild asters make excellent cut flowers to brighten summer bouquets.

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