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Maine state scg champ interview

Fai with his winnings.
Fai with his winnings.
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Maine SCG State Champs

So for those of you that forgot about it, this past weekend was the SCG State Champs for Magic the Gathering. I was lucky to be on the judge staff for the event as my travel crew of Derrick Jones, Mark Norris, and Ben Troicke came down to represent the Eagle Hill players. Also, it was great to see everyone from around the state on the different teams. While I was running around solving game states and doing deck checks I didn't have much time to work on notes for field report, but that's why I'm happy to have our champion Fai Daniel Littman on tap to answer a few questions. But first let's take a look at the build that Fai was running.

Creatures (16)

Planeswalkers (1)

Lands (25)

Spells (18)

To tell the truth I deck checked Fai in round three and was happy to see that a Bg Devotion deck (which I'm currently porting over to from mono-black devo) in the undefeated seat. The rest of the top-eight decks can be seen here. Okay, interview time.

Me: How long have you been playing Magic and what got you into the game?

Fai: I've been Playing magic since mercadian masques got into it at a small shop by my house because my friends all played.

Me: What are some other top finishes you have had in tournaments?

Fai:Top 8s in 10+ PTQs (2nd place highest finish) spanning limited to extended. Over 10 Day 2 GP finishes including one cash finish

Me: Home shop/team?

Fai: The bread mafia.

Me: Why did you pick Bg Devotion for the event?

Fai: I picked Bg because it was the only deck I felt comfortable piloting and having the " best deck" title in the format didn't hurt either.

Me: How did you prepare for the event?

Fai: I prepared for the event by testing specific trouble match-ups and playing in FNM.

Me: What is the worst match up for the deck?

Fai: I would say the decks worst matchup is decks with sphinxes rev (or heaven forbid blood baron of vizkopa) as they can often deal with your threats and win the long game.

Me: What's the best match up for the deck?

Fai: The deck squares off very well against the popular decks of this format and usually demolishes other mid-range strategies.

Me: Advice you would give to other pilots of the deck?

Fai: Draw lots of cards, follow your intuition, and when in doubt you should probably just make a packrat.

Me: Lastly, what's your favorite Magic keyword mechanic?

Fai: Flashback.

Lol, I should have figured a Golgari pilot would pick Flashback as their favorite mechanic. I want to thank Fai for taking the time to answer my questions. I want to remind everyone that the Limited State Champs are happening on May 31st in Standish at Crossroad Games. Door are opening at 9 AM, and I will have some swag to give away to my readers. What kind of swag? Well that's going to be a surprise. Let's just say that I'm going to have three gab bags. All you have to do is find me and say the password, Woot4Loot, to claim one. Anyone traveling with me to the event is not eligible for a grab bag.

That all for this time.

This has been...

Jeffrey Carmichael II

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