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Maine man gun tattoo: Man with gun tattoo finds himself surrounded by police

A Maine man with a gun tattoo was woken up when a tree crew was cutting branches near his home. You see, Michael Smith of Norridgewock, Maine works the night shift and was trying to sleep, but with all the noise, he couldn't. On March 19, MSN reported that Smith went outside without his shirt on and yelled at the workers to leave. The workers called police -- not because they were angry with Smith, but because they were scared.

Smith has a true-to-life looking tattoo of a gun on his stomach and it looks as though the gun is tucked into his pants. So, the tree crew thought that Smith had a real gun and they were worried that this guy might start shooting.

The Maine man's gun tattoo is obviously harmless but it was enough to scare people into thinking that this guy actually walked outside with a real gun. You can't blame the tree crew for calling the police -- especially in this day and age. If you wake a guy up from a dead sleep after he's had a hard night at work and he has a "real" gun, who knows what he might do? Perhaps he'd fire off a few warning shots... or worse.

The tree crew definitely did the right thing and fortunately no one was in any real danger. Police arrived on the scene, saw the gun tattoo, and gave the all clear.

Hopefully the Maine man with the gun tattoo was able to get some sleep after the ordeal. Check out the video above for more.

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