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Mail theft is a crime and it's happening in Bellevue, Tenn.

The Bellevue Post Office says there has been a rash of packages disappearing out of and around mailboxes and delivery areas in the Bellevue area. Packages of all sizes have been disappearing after USPS or UPS tracking numbers show they were delivered, and one of the hardest hit areas is the Saddle Ridge Trace community off of Highway 70 South in Bellevue.

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Increased Patrols

The post office has asked Metro Police to step up their patrols in Bellevue's Saddle Ridge development, but homeowners are also encouraged to watch for suspicious behavior, especially kids, teens and even young adults hanging around or opening up your neighbors' mailboxes.

Parents Be Aware

Parents should also be aware that if your children run around the neighborhood and then later show up with new objects--the item probably wasn't given to them by a friend, and they might not have bought it. Do you know your kids' habits and finances? Are you alert to new items they may have in their possession?

Stolen Mail or Packages: What to Do

If you think your mail or packages have been stolen, call the police and fill out a report over the phone. Then contact the U.R. Postal Inspection Service and fill out a complaint form. There is a place to record your police report number on the complaint form. Postal Inspectors use the information collected from the form to determine whether your problem is isolated or part of a larger mail theft problem in your neighborhood, and it may help Postal Inspectors and local police locate and apprehend the thieves.

If you have had packages or mail stolen or that suspiciously disappeared, please let us know the item and the date in the comments below. If you find items that may be stolen, please notify the police. If you suspect your kids, dogs, etc. may have stolen some items in Bellevue, Tenn., notify the police or your mail carrier so they can get delivered to the right person.

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