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Mahlae is named the 1st Miss Triple Crown


Miss Mahlae from Sacramento is crowned as the 1st Miss Triple Crown by transsexual actress Cassandra Cass
Photo by David Wong

After months of planning, La Maison de Munro (The House of Munro) and Team Patch joined forces at Triple Crown Friday, April 2nd to host the Miss Triple Crown pageant. The winner would garner the title of “Miss Triple Crown” and $500.00 in cash.  The contestants were judged in three categories; sportswear, a talent competition and evening gown.

The show was broken into two halves. The first half saw hostess Mercedez Munro co-hosting with Pollo Del Mar. The hilarious duo introduced the guest judges Sister Roma, Ginger Snap, Suppositori Spelling, John Weber and Lady Tia to the packed house. As the judges were introduced, Munro asked each member, “What are you looking for in ‘Miss Triple Crown?’” Roma responded in one word, “Perfection.” Lady Tia wanted to “see that b!tch tear-up the runway,” while Ginger Snap added “beauty, poise, and glamour, glamour, GLAMOUR!” Adding her unique comedy, Spelling said with a devilish grin “bribes.” The solo male judge, former Emperor of San Francisco John Weber loudly exclaimed, “All the fierce, super sexiness. Work it b!tches.”

Following introductions of the judges, Del Mar and Munro introduced the five contestants for the title of Miss Triple Crown; Erykah Munro of San Francisco, Miss Mahlae of Sacramento, Tarron Marrott of Michigan, Sable Jones of San Francisco, and Carrie Blackshaw of Oakland.  After all the contestants were showcased to the crowd and judges, Del Mar said, “If Terrin was not in the pageant, this would be the ‘Miss Black America pagent.” The crowd erupted into laughter and Del Mar continued, “I would like to thank Mercedez because I did not know there were this many black queens.” The crowd joined Del Mar in applauding Murno. 

After all the introductions, BeBe Sweetbrair and California Entertainer of the Year and contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Shangela performed. Sweetbriar was dressed as Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” for her performance while Shangela “whipped” her body in all kinds of directions during hers. After Shangela’s performance, Roma said “I thought I broke a hip just watching that girl.”

In between performances, an important man behind the scenes, Brandon Metcalf was called on stage by Del Mar and Munro to tell the crowd about the title of “Miss Congeniality.” Metcalf said, “Miss Congeniality can be voted by you guys (pointing to the crowd). Rolando is walking around selling raffle tickets. The money is going towards AIDS Lifecycle and you decided which contestant gets your raffle tickets. The contestant with the most raffle tickets is named ‘Miss Congeniality’ and receives a $100.00 cash prize.”

The second half saw the beautiful Paju Munro (one of the daughters of Mercedez) and famous Reba McIntyre impersonator Holtta Tymes hosting the show. Munro – Paju, not Mercedez) performed during the second half along with Tymes and Miss Rahni.

During the evening gown competition, all the ladies wore Red Gowns. Meredez Munro explained the significance of the Red Gowns is for Red Dress day for AIDS Lifecycle.

After all the judging, 3 hours of pageantry, Miss Mahlae was announced as Miss Triple Crown. 1st runner up was Carrie Blackshaw and 2nd runner-up was Tarron Marrott. Carrie blackshaw was announced as “Miss Congeniality.”


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