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Maher, Stewart, Colbert – Being wrong sounds so right when you’re funny

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Most young people get their political news from comedians Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. This would be good if anything they said was right. All are devout Leftist atheists promoting liberal Democrat socialism, the kind of ideology that leaves taxpayers footing the bill for tax parasites, and young people out of college living with their parents.

Whenever someone points that out, they are the butt of their next attack of mockery, “Oh, look how silly to believe such a thing.” But the real joke is on their followers who vote based on what the comics create for them to be reality. Empty-headed young hipsters then go out and vote for their own destruction by supporting Democrat policies to tax Americans in order to pay-off their voters.

A tale of two white priveleges: Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert

Maher cheerily applauds Democrat programs all designed to take people's hard earned money and put it in their own pockets. He mocks anyone who says Democrats are just stealing from them, saying that Social Security is a wonderful program helping old people. He would never have a guest on who would say Social Security was created as a new tax for Democrats to milk the taxpayer, that it was supposed to be voluntary but made mandatory, that its surplus was stolen in 1968 and the Social Security retirement fund was dumped into the general fund and converted into secondary retirement “insurance.” The same has now been done with Medicare which is now being raided to pay for ObamaCare, the program touted by the Obama regime as “healthcare for the uninsured poor.”

Social Security and Medicare were supposed to be programs for people who work and pay into it all their lives to have a retirement income and medical care when they become too old to work. Democrats see these accounts as accessible money with which to provide an income to deadbeats and illegal aliens to get their votes. Voter fraud accounts for 2-10% of Democrat votes by dead people, illegals, and voting agents casting ballots in multiple precincts. This is why they are so dead set against voter ID laws that would suppress illegal votes.

While Maher and Colbert sound intelligent to empty-headed youngsters because they can make them laugh, they are nothing more than clowns entertaining fools with absurd ideas. When held up to debate the facts, their defense is always to mock and demean the opposition, which is the defense of children. There is nothing intelligent when someone says, “There is voter fraud,” and the clown’s response is, “You’re fat!”