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Magnolia Pictures celebrates 'Stage Fright' New York premiere

"Stage Fright" hits theaters May 9.
Magnolia Pictures

On Monday, April 21, 2014, Magnolia Pictures hosted a special screening to premiere a very unexpected, but entertaining movie called "Stage Fright" at IFC Center. The film is about a young girl with a traumatic past, who wants to be a musical theatre star just like her mother was, but is haunted by a killer who hates musical theatre. This movie is a horror musical comedy with unexpected twists and turns that will get you laughing out loud and jumping out of your seats easily. Both Director Jerome Sable and writer and composer Eli Batalion have an extensive background in musical theatre, which was the one of many inspirations for this film. The music and score were composed by both Sable and Batalion. It captured the best of what musical theatre is all about, but with a unique sense of humor. The director call this movie “ A love letter to theatre” and that one of the reason that they made this movie was to expose themselves to the theatre community in New York.

Notables who attended the premiere included Nikki M. James, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, America Olivo, Courtney Reed, Christopher Bowen, Brandy Burre, Alison Wright, director/composer Jordan Galland, DJ’s AndrewAndrew and MTV’s Lenay Dunn. After the screening, guests headed down the street to Umami Burger for Truffle Burgers, Smushed Potatoes and Stella. The 89 minute film hits theaters on May 9, 2014.

Check out our exclusive after party interviews with both Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion.

What was the inspiration for the movie?

"Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Sweeney Todd," "Phantom of the Opera" and other movies and theatre classics.

What do you consider for favorite scene or scenes in the the film?

We would have to say the first musical number at the beginning in the camp with all the talent. They are all so talented and the song was hilarious and fun to produce. Another scene that we loved it was when the character Artie is killed. It was the first scene that we showed some gore in the movie and it was the beginning of many killings to come.

What made you choose Allie McDonald for the main role of Camille Swan?

She captured the essence of the character really well. We did many casting auditions here in New York City and she instantly captured our attention.

Are there any upcoming projects in the works?

We just finished working on a short called "The ABCs of Death 2."

Miguel Riebman contributed reporting.

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