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Magnetizing Money- Making 2014 A Year of Prosperity

Magnetizing Money- Making 2014 A Year of Prosperity

Magnetizing Money- A 4 Week Calling In Your Wealth Series
Jennifer K Garcia

The Collins English Dictionary defines prosperity as ‘a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.’ There is no better way to focus on your happiness in the new year than deciding to change the circumstances of your life and aim high for a prosperous 2014.

Magnetizing Money-Calling in Your Wealth is a workshop series designed to help you get quick results in a short amount of time. Through focused intention and manifestation this 4 week intensive will teach you how to “Jump Start” you’re Wealth and get YOU to a place of true abundance by using a very specific 3 Step Process to call money into your everyday life.

How To Be A Money Magnet: Easy to Follow Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Tips and Advise to Attract Wealth by Julie Nichol

In this 4 week magnetizing money series you will learn and discover:

  1. How patterns and old beliefs are keeping you from reaching your personal wealth and financial goals (Money is energy). Understand the “Colander” effect and how it may be sabotaging your results.
  2. How energy tools and techniques is the best way to clear blocks and begin to lay a new foundation for achievement.
  3. How to use advanced magnetizing techniques by pulling it all together to call in the wealth you desire.

This powerful series is designed to create a flow of money coming into your life. Learning this method in a group setting can excel your results with focused effort and a collective energy. You will receive a workbook along with a step-by-step process on how to obtain a higher level in your personal wealth. This class is ideal for anyone who is ready to have more money and freedom now and in the future.

Your guide to prosperity is Junnifer K Garcia. Jennifer is an intuitive medium, energy worker and teacher. Her dynamic classes have reached many on their path to health, happiness and prosperity. Don't keep doing what you have been doing if it isn't working for you, join Jennifer for Magnetizing Money-Calling in Your Wealth and start creating the life YOU want to live!

Click here to register for this life changing 4 week event. Click now for early registration discounts!!!!

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