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'Magicka: Wizard Wars' casts a spell on PAX East attendees

logo from "Magicka: Wizards Wars"
logo from "Magicka: Wizards Wars"
Paradox Interactive

If there is one thing you need get right, that's to make sure you don't call "Magicka: Wizard Wars," published by Paradox Interactive, a MOBA. To be fair, it's actually more of a fighting/PVP game than anything else.

This past weekend at PAX East, Boston Games Examiner met up with John Hargelid, the Studio Manager for Paradox North and talk more about "Magicka."

First of all, the Wizards that players get to control are able to harness the power of all the elements. The colors of the wizards are not related to their powers or elements. As far as game modes go, there are two: dual mode and "Wizard Warfare" (also known as 4v4).

So why is "Magicka" not a MOBA? To start, there are many mechanics that are different. Every player is on a leveled playing field with no in-round progression. "If your team starts off poorly, there is always the possbility to come back, turn the tide at any point in the round."

The game is full of non-stop action. Players can even interact with the environment. For example, there are parts of the map which can be detonated for strategic purposes against your opponent. In the end, players have a chance to roll for certain loot which they can later add to their character's inventory.

Currently, there are 10 different wizards, all with their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

"Magicka: Wizard Wars" is now available via early access on Steam.

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